Air Condition Repair In Lafayette

Air Condition Repair In Lafayette, we’re dedicated to providing customers in Lafayette, CA, with reliable air conditioning repair services. Our company is made up of highly skilled technicians who are equipped to work with a wide variety of AC units. When the blazing San Jose & Surrounding Areas, summers start to kick up, you will need to be able to rely on your AC system to keep you cool.

If your AC is having trouble functioning as it should, let us come to the rescue! We are known for fast, reliable AC repair in the area. You can trust our team to dispatch one of our trusted technicians to your home right away to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any cooling issue you’re facing.

AC refrigerant, in your unit is responsible for keeping the air cool. If your AC unit doesn’t have refrigerant, it will try to push warm air through the system.

Is your AC blowing warm air? Check your unit for potential refrigerant leaks.

If the unit doesn’t have enough Freon, it might not work efficiently. Once your refrigerant starts leaking, the efficiency of your AC unit will start to decline. You’ll need to consider air conditioner repair right away.

Otherwise, your energy bill will start to rise as the unit works overtime to push air through. Freon is harmful to the environment as well.

First, you’ll need to find and fix the refrigerant leak. Then, you’ll need to top-up the refrigerant to ensure your unit has enough.

In some cases, however, a refrigerant leak could indicate a bigger problem. Consider having a professional HVAC technician review your unit. They might help you recognize that you need a new unit altogether.

Before adding the refrigerant on your own, it’s important to avoid over-or under-charging the refrigerant. Make sure the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specifications.

Otherwise, your unit might not work properly, even after using these AC repair tips.

There are a few different tactics you can use to find the source of the leak. First, try the dye test. Purchase a fluorescent dye to pour into the HVAC system.

Once the dye circulates throughout the system, you should see it seep through the source of the leak.

If that doesn’t work, consider using a defective lamp instead. You can find where the refrigerant is leaking from on your own. This process can take time and resources, though.

If you struggle to find the leak alone, call an AC repair company in Lafayette right away.

If you’re currently dealing with an air conditioner that isn’t working the way it should, there’s no need to wait any longer. Give our San Jose & Surrounding Areas, Heating and Cooling team a call and let us show you why we’re the preferred local air conditioner repair crew in San Jose & Surrounding Areas,! Not looking for AC repair? We also offer AC installation and maintenance services as well as heating repair.

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